Koncert The Toy Dolls + LockDown w Gdańsku - Klub koncertowy B90

The Toy Dolls + LockDown

19:00 – doors
19:30 – LockDown
21:00 – The Toys Dolls


The Toy Dolls are not just a band, they are a true icon of punk rock. Their career dates back to the 1970s, when they began to conquer the scene with their distinctive style, combining the energy of punk with a unique sense of humor. Who doesn’t know their iconic hits like “Nellie the Elephant” or “James Bond Lives Down Our Street”?

For many fans, their music is not just sounds, but also memories from their youth, moments spent at concerts full of energy and joy. Now, having the opportunity to see them live, we feel excitement in the air!

If you want to be part of this extraordinary event, don’t hesitate to buy tickets! On April 26th, the B90 club in Gdańsk will become the arena for real musical madness, and The Toy Dolls will provide us with unforgettable experiences!

See you at the concert!

The Toy Dolls + LockDown



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