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The HU

The Hu, a phenomenon of the rock and metal scene, is returning to Poland for a spectacular concert on September 10 at the Polsat Plus Arena in Gdynia. This Mongolian band is known for its unique blend of heavy sounds with elements of traditional Mongolian music, making their performances unforgettable spectacles.


During the concert in Gdynia, fans will have the opportunity to hear live tracks from their latest album “Rumble of Thunder” as well as other hits that have brought them international fame. Utilizing traditional instruments such as the morin khuur (Mongolian horsehead fiddle) and unique throat singing, The Hu creates unforgettable musical experiences that are both powerful and deeply rooted in Mongolian cultural heritage.


The Hu’s concert in Gdynia is not just about music. It is also a chance to experience the rich Mongolian culture, which is seldom seen on European stages. Don’t miss this unique event, a must-see for all fans of rock, metal, and world music. Tickets for this exciting event are available now!

The HU

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